James Benning

31 Friends (October)

October 13th - November 17th 2018

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O-Town House is pleased to announce the 31 Friends exhibition with James Benning. In the year 2015 Benning made 31 works of art for 31 friends, and produced a book, recounting the story of each friendship and describing the works created with them in mind. In the summer of 2016, these works were exhibited at the Marfa Book Company, after which the artworks were removed from the walls and given to each of the friends. The latest chapter of this project at O-Town House consists of the photographs that James asked each friend to take of his gifted artwork in situ. Together again, despite their disparate locations, 31 Friends represents a self-professed exercise in prioritizing the mechanisms in art that foster genuine examples of community. 

Photographs by:

Thom Andersen (Valencia, CA), Julie Ault (Joshua Tree, CA), Martin Beck (Joshua Tree, CA), Rhonda Bell (Oklahoma City), Sadie Benning (Brooklyn), Juliette Blightman (Berlin), Bob Danner (Milwaukee), Anna Faroqhi (Berlin), Jake Fuller (Milwaukee), Maia Gianakos (Berlin), Dick Hebdige (Joshua Tree), Alex Horwath (Vienna), Peter Hutton (Tivoli, NY), Jon Jost (Butte, MT), John Knecht (Hubbardsville, NY), Rachel Kushner (Los Angeles), Steve Lemon (East Hampton, NY), Les LeVeque (Tivoli, NY), Richard Linklater (Bastrop, TX), Sharon Lockhart (Los Angeles), Scott MacDonald (New Hartford, NY), Gary Mairs (Sherman Oaks, CA), Sarinah Masukor (Sydney), Zorona Musikic (Berlin), Michael O’Brien (Chicago), Peter Pakesch (Graz), Werner Ruzicka (Duisburg), LeeAnne Schmitt (Valencia, CA), Deborah Stratman (Chicago), Joanna Swan (Los Angeles), Danh Vo (Mexico City). 

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