Open Hours:

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 1 pm to 7 pm

... and always by appointment

About O-Town House

O-Town House is a new exhibition space in Los Angeles started by curator Scott Cameron Weaver in July 2018.

O-Town House was founded upon a commitment to exploring models and modes for the production and presentation of art today. With its small, flexible exhibition space, O-Town House is host to a variety of art and events that hope to encourage dialogues with artists and the community in Los Angeles. 

O-Town House is currently located in the historic Granada Buildings on Lafayette Park.



-> Parking is available on the street or alternatively WiSpa offers valet parking (with car wash) just around the corner at Wilshire and Rampart.

-> Access to the building at the gate by using the call-box to call O-Town House from its menu.

-> The gallery is accessible by elevator. If you need assistance please let us know.


672 S. Lafayette Park Place, Suite 44

Los Angeles, CA 90057

T: +1 213 263 9428


…the view and namesake: formerly the Sheraton-Town House

…the view and namesake: formerly the Sheraton-Town House