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A collaboration between Berlin and Vienna based artist Julian Goethe and SAVED New York.

O-Town House is excited to announce the release of NOCTURNE, a beautiful blanket designed by Julian Goethe together with SAVED NY and handmade in Mongolia from the finest sustainably sourced cashmere.

Before I started my own artistic practice, I used to work as a freelance set designer for various animation studios. Based on my work as a designer of backgrounds that are subordinated to the plot of the respective film project, in my artistic work I deal with backgrounds that become the actual protagonists. 

Spaces influenced by decorative art and furniture design, especially of the 20s to 50s, move ambivalently between elegance and danger, becoming the scene of things yet to happen. At the same time the design of the space might turn against what is in it.

I presume that a soul inhabits every thing, that’s why my objects and drawings shift between the abstract and the figurative, between escapist modernism and neo-classical forms.

NOCTURNE is my attempt to enter this world of things, and a return to my animation practice. Here, I want to create something between a baroque paper theater and a sophisticated ego-shooter, just that there are no egos - only strange objects inhabiting the endless passage of rooms, corridors and sky.
— Julian Goethe